Data Processing

Digital Marketing People is emerging as an enterprise that provides high volume data processing and management services to a wide array of customers. Scalable and robust systems are used by our team to prove our high volume data conversion capabilities. We provide both inbound and outbound data conversion in various file formats.

We understand that in today’s world, data is shaped and reshaped as per requirement. But it is also important to keep the value of information intact. Data processing is not merely a process of implementing data but it is a long procedure where we consider factors like how it can be processed and to what extent so that it is profitable for your businesses. Whether it is a small firm or a big business enterprise, DGM People have the expertise and resources to cater you excellent Data Processing service with the desired output. We have restricted ourselves in few specific data processing & management services as we believe in only delivering quality result.

DGMPeople Data Processing Service


What we offer?

Data Conversion: Converting an existing data into the digital is a great way of managing and storing important data. At DGM People we have the required team who can help you to convert your essential data in both small and large scale. Our data conversion procedures include:


  • OCR Conversion
  • Document Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • Word Conversion


Data Processing: This is important while maintaining a large amount of information. Every company has a set of vital data that requires processing. We have the right skill and knowledge to process the required data and manage it properly. You can hire our following data processing services:


  • Image processing
  • Word processing


Web Research: For online businesses web research is a crucial part of their day to day work. To extract the right kind of data a thorough web research is necessary. We can help you through this with our data extraction and web mining services:


  • Data Extraction Services
  • Web Mining Services


Digital Marketing People are continually striving to provide quality services at optimum rates. We have also set up a standardized approach to ensure that your business gain fully from our services.