Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing People is a professional Search Engine Optimization service provider for various kinds of online businesses. Our SEO team ensures verifiable results to increase your domain authority with both On Page and Off Page planning. With the right resources we will develop solutions for your online businesses. We strive to improve the search engine results organically by adopting a process and techniques that are especially customized for you. Besides the on and off page techniques, our SEO team at Digital Marketing People also use the social engagements.

We perform numbers of SEO activities to guide the business owners and webmasters to ensure the desired results:


On-Page OptimizationOn-Page Activities:

It is the preliminary stage of the Search Engine Optimization which deals with technical aspect of the website or blog.


Analysis & Tracking Set Up:
The first and foremost task is to analyze your website from the perspective of search engine optimization based on technical and non-technical parameters. We integrate analytic properties with the website to measure its online performance.


Keyword & Competitor’s Analysis:
Based on the subject, we perform comprehensive keywords analysis to identify the potential queries for your business. After finalizing keywords it is important to know what kind of strategies your competitors are following so that we can offer you a better plan. Taking reference and considering major presence of your competitor’s helps us to devise better strategies.



Once analysis is done, we implement the modifications to your website. Our SEO professionals ensure that the website meets every technical parameter suggested by major Search Engine.



Off Page OptimizationsOff Page Activities:

Every business has their own unique and different needs and we are able to deal with almost every kind of subject due to our highly skilled team. Off Page activities are equally important as On Page ones for a successful SEO campaign. The SEO professionals at DGMPeople will plan it out as per your requirement.


Content Distribution:
Content in any form, like, article, Press Release blog, micro-blog, document, presentation, Classifieds or newsletters are indispensable to Off Page activities. Beside Content syndication, we always give priority to business niche communities and forums. Every possible approach that makes the business visible online is taken care of by SEO team.


Social Media Optimization:
Any SEO campaign is incomplete without getting Social signals. To maximize the social following for your websites, we resort to social media sites like, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other popular niche Web2.0 websites.


Ours is an ethical approach for your SEO campaigns and ensure that all our techniques bring you the desired traffic for your online businesses.