Social Media Marketing

DGMPeople Social Media Promotion Realizing the importance of the Social Media Marketing, our team at Digital Marketing People has developed comprehensive solutions for the top social media sites: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, etc. We offer the Social Media Marketing services at affordable ranges and with remarkable features. Our social media services are well planned and will surely bring the desired effect for your businesses.

Keeping in tandem with the modern day online businesses we have devised a 6 step process for our SMO services:

Research & Analysis
This is our first step wherein we engage our SMO experts in thorough research for your businesses. To possess better knowledge about the business, it is necessary to measure the popularity and audience response. We carefully study the strategy of your competitors so that we can devise a better plan for you.


Audit Report
Our second step involves preparing an audit report for the business. We provide all our observations in this report. If you have existing social media accounts, a complete report will be prepared covering all Social profiles and their current status. The initial report helps you later to measure and identify any improvement and ROI.


Account Setup & Optimization
This is the most crucial stage where we set up the social media accounts. For any business or organization who wishes to establish impressive and effective Social Channels across the web will get a complete solution from our SMO professionals. Besides working with the top social media sites we also pick up the local or niche social media sites. Most importantly, our SMO experts strive to provide best optimization to all channels to gain maximum visibility. Website or a blog associated with the Social profiles are also taken care of by analyzing website and setting up appropriate widgets.


Depict Strategy
At this stage our SMO team is involved in promoting your website through the social media sites. We strategize plans to engage more and more audience and find ways to advertise the website so that it reaches the right target audience.


Once all the plans are in place, we begin implementing them efficiently. Right from content distribution to implementing the ads and community management- we make sure all the plans are executed perfectly. We build genuine authority and trust factor among friends & followers to derive quality result. To gain instant traffic, the social paid advertisement is very effective and the process gets executed only by our PPC Expert.


Performance Report
At the end of every month we provide you with the performance report so that you can evaluate. The performance report gets prepared on the basis of goal defined at stages.